Just like the Melbourne Storm are to the NRL, Instagram is on fire right now. As one of the biggest and most influential social media platforms available, Instagram provides some impressive digital marketing engagement opportunities with over 500 million active users on the platform each day.


Through its sheer popularity, and an ability to create some real emotional pull, no marketing campaign can go without including Instagram in its arsenal bag. Really, who wouldn’t want to with a free audience this big!


For brands who are already expending their efforts on social media and content marketing training undertakings, they know that maintaining successful social media strategies is damn hard work. Effective digital marketing takes time to implement, monitor and analyse. However, the most successful marketers and social media influencers know that it’s really just about persistence, getting some amazing photos together and posting engaging visual content.


The best way to start with Instagram is to dive in and get your hands dirty. Our team at Social Media Mastery can show you how to conquer that like a pro, but for the moment, we’re going to tantalise your taste buds with some basic steps for your Instagram marketing activities.


5 Steps You Need to Plan Your Instagram Marketing Campaign


#1 Establish Your Target

What is it that you are trying to achieve with your Instagram campaign? Set your sights on one main target; a marketing message, creating some brand awareness, or a promotional campaign perhaps. It’s important to flesh out the what of your campaign before getting onto the how.


#2 Set Your Plan

An Instagram social media marketing campaign can be as small as a few photos with hashtags, or you could opt for something on a much larger scale and run a competition for follows, etc. Explore your options, zoning in on what your brand stands for and how you want your brand to be portrayed. Select photos that are the most suited representation of your overall message.


#3 Get Your Hashtag

A general rule of thumb for Instagram marketing campaigns;


  • a) your campaign is centralized by a hashtag – this defines your content and basically puts a label on it. Ensure whatever you create is clear, easy to remember, and highly relatable to your brand and campaign.
  • b) your campaign defines a hashtag – basically the content which is created generates a hashtag for you.


#4 The Content

Plan your content to coincide with your visual imagery. You might like to draft up a list of crisp, punchy taglines to support your photos. If you need some help with amalgamating these taglines into your photos, check out our top five content design tools for amateur designers.


#5 Execute Your Plan

When you’ve nailed all the above, it’s time to share it with the 500 million daily Instagram users! Determine the times that you want to post your campaign materials based on when your target market is most active. Be sure to take into consideration the time of the day (and the day) that your previous posts have received the most engagement too. You might find our previous blog on this topic helpful.


Things to Remember for an Effective Instagram Marketing Campaign


Instagram marketing campaigns should be treated as if your brand has a personality of its own. Posts should portray your brand’s character and be definitive of the way you want your brand portrayed. Instagram is all about high imagery and quality is priority number one.


Although not compulsory with an Instagram marketing campaign, hashtags are certainly very beneficial to include. They are search-friendly and can offer you a fresh audience, as well as encouraging some shared activity from your loyal followers using your hashtag.


Consider running several smaller campaigns as you can tailor those individually based on stats that you discover from your previous small campaigns – use the most effective parts and chop and change till you get your masterpiece just right.



If you like what you have read and found these tips for creating an effective Instagram marketing campaign helpful, there is plenty more to learn from our content marketing training gurus at Social Media Mastery. We have a stack of accredited digital marketing courses and social media training tools that will open your eyes to a new world of digital marketing strategies.
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