We are all open to a little bit of influential marketing; whether it’s a hot Hollywood star telling you how to get a great six pack, or Miranda Kerr selling her skin care range so you too can glow like her, we are all partial to persuasiveness at some point.


Social media influencers have the same effect and they can help to generate leads and sales by using convincing digital marketing strategies. But, just like engaging with celebrities and stars, it can also be damn hard work to crack a suitable influencer in the first place. Relationships need to be formed and authentic connections sought after, but how on Earth can you do this with someone who has so many followers and ‘friends’ already?


So, here’s where we say “move over Miranda”. Social Media Mastery has come up with the following hacks so you can get into the game of social media influencers, ball in hand and ready to score!


  1. Research your influencers

Finding influencers who are relevant to your brand and vision is vital if you want to gain any success in connecting. Take time to learn about your target influencers on a social media level; read what they are posting to cross-check whether their views affiliated with those of yours and your business. If you’re happy with the content they share, start off with commenting on some of their posts and offer your own views and opinions on what they have shared. Try to get recognised by sharing your insight and forming a social media relationship with them and your brand.


  1. Reciprocate their time and effort Influencer

You don’t really expect someone to work for nothing, do you? Influencers chose to be influencers so they can make a living from it. The biggest mistake you can make is by expecting an influencer to generate sales and recognition for you with nothing in return. If it’s not payment in the form of good solid cash that you can offer, then gifts, products and life experiences could give them just as good reason to talk about your brand. Paying per post, per sale, or per engagement generated could be factors you could talk about with your social media influencer.


  1. Too easy Campese! Influencer

The old KISS rule of thumb – keep it simple silly. Whatever you’re asking of your influencer, make it as easy as possible for them. Nutting out what it is that you want from them; for example, a full product review, a mention or shout-out, sharing of your content, etc.; providing them with decent information, fair compensation, and plenty of time to get the job done, will always be favoured over those who don’t play fair.


  1. Offer a creative license Influencer

Control freak? You might have trouble getting an influencer to help you out. Influencers have built up a very good follower base by posting content they alone control and it’s vitally important they keep up their reputation and integrity. If you get too controlling on your content guidelines once you reach out to an influencer, you’ll find they will more likely disappear off the radar of communication, hurtling you back to square one. Creative license is a must if you’re putting your trust in an influencer.


Marketing by influencers revolves around real connections with real people, opposed to the traditional advertising methods. Influencer marketing works on the similar basis of word-of-mouth advertising and recommendations from friends. If it’s tried, tested and recommended, then you are more likely to trust the brand or product already, right?


Influencer marketing is big on social media strategies and, as such, is part of a lot of digital marketing training course content. Social Media Mastery’s best advice is to take the time to get to know your social media influencers. Once you’re connected and partnered, trust in the content they will share and compensate them accordingly.


For more tips on social media marketing strategies, check out our accredited content marketing courses online today. There’s no success in holding back, and there’s a big world to explore, so get out there and connect.