Create Advocates from your Facebook Followers

Turn followers into brand champions and create more impact for your social media marketing efforts by getting them to do the selling for you. Here are the tips you need to get started.

A highly-engaged social media following is more valuable for your brand than a pot of gold if you have true Facebook follower advocates. These Facebook followers can create massive impact for your social media marketing efforts simply through their online interactions.

According to the current Facebook algorithm, a post is made more “valuable” when someone reacts to it. And, as more people interact with your post the more visible it becomes on the news feed. Thus works on the snowball effect and more people are then likely to engage with your post too. Hence the value of true advocate Facebook followers!

Facebook follower advocates help to transform a single post into an avalanche of action and reaction.

Facebook’s most up-to-date algorithm prioritises “meaningful interactions between people” to inspire more personal connections and conversations. So, rather than burry your head in the sand and wait for the algorithm tide to turn again, now is the time for brands to concentrate on building their Facebook advocates.

Following are our Social Media Mastery tips on how to get started.

Fish for your brand champions

Every brand has a loyal base of fans from the get-go; the proud family member, the customer who comments on every post, or perhaps the employee who shares every bit of brand news with their followers. These people are brand champion material. They are the people who simply love your brand or want to be associated with your brand organically. These are the people you want to keep on board!

Here are a few tips on how to recognise candidates for your team of brand advocates:
  1. Always respond to your fans – this “humanises” your brand and adds a sense of importance for those people engaging with you.
  2. Regularly evaluate your audience to distinguish who are your most engaged fans and followers. This will help determine who has the potential to become one of your brand champions and who to zero-in on.
  3. When you have worked out your most engaged followers, reward them for their efforts with a little recognition. Recognition can transform someone who “likes” your brand into a real ambassador. With their permission, you could show appreciation by featuring them on your page or re-posting something they have shared.
  4. You could run a competition and encourage users to submit their entries using a special hashtag. Share the best entries on your brand page. The prospect of recognition is sometimes enough for people to share their love of your brand with others.
  5. Piggyback on a special holiday or annual event to do a shout-out to your followers and fans. Consider your main demographic and use days like International Friendship Day or Earth Hour to focus on a cause close to heart. Keep an eye on those who engage with your shout-out.
    * Tip: SocialRank is a free online engagement tool for Twitter and Instagram which can help organise and manage your social media audience.

Capture the keepers

Communication is vital for engaging with your inner circle and maintaining your brand champions and Facebook advocates.

Not all social media users are online marketing experts so, it is important to provide support and information to help them understand their impact on your brand’s marketing. You could deliver a message along the lines of:

“By liking and commenting on our social media posts, you are giving your approval that our content is of value. As you are interested in our content, Facebook decides that other people may like it too. And, as engagement builds it becomes more valuable to us and to Facebook, who will then make it visible to more people online. So, thank you for engaging with our brand”.

Deliver this message to your followers as personalised as possible. Use Facebook Messenger or email if you have names and contact details available. Once you have your devoted followers assured what they are doing is important, provide them with the necessary tools.

Create the best environment for your fish to swim in

Make it easy for your brand champions and Facebook advocates to flourish and help your brand. To do this you need to ensure your loyal fans have easy access to the content you post.

See your content first

If your posts are positioned at the top of your followers’ news feeds they are most likely to respond to it. So, encourage them to update their settings in two simple steps;

  1. Visit your brand page and click on the ‘following’ icon
  2. Change the setting on the dropdown that appears from ‘default’ to ‘see first’

Grant some behind-the-scenes access

Create an exclusive group for your brand advocates to access behind-the-scenes. Limit access to only devoted fans by setting specific guidelines for joining by asking a set of qualifying questions.

These groups often transform into very active discussion boards and you can use the space to further advise new products and exciting brand information.

Creating advocates from your Facebook followers is all about focusing on the human aspect of social media and offering personal interactions with your fans. Once you have the basics right, your tank will be full of healthy fish in no time.

If you could do with a hand establishing the best environment for your Facebook advocates, just check in with our team at Social Media Mastery. Our fully accredited social media training is only a part of our education offerings. To see how we can help, click here to get in touch.