Content marketing trainers and digital professionals know that digital marketing is big and it is here; at least for now.

What a lot of people commonly ask us is, are my efforts in digital marketing really worth it? Like many things, it doesn’t just happen overnight. Instead, successful digital marketing campaigns take time and often a lot of blood, sweat, and damn hard work to get your content noticed. And to do it well, you need quality training to stay ahead of the rest.

It’s a typical perception that if something doesn’t produce immediate results, it mustn’t be that effective. However, this is where digital marketing strategies call for a renewed train of thought.

Unlike traditional advertising, which is dependent on how many dollars you can throw at the ad agencies bartering for your buck, digital marketing revolves around commitment and time, reviewing how you measure success, as well as your bottom line. Putting your hard earnt cash into paid social media advertisements is not the answer to this. Sure, you might get the clicks, but will you get the sales conversions from those leads? The answer is usually no. Organic clicks can prove just as successful, and a whole lot more, if you learn how to generate your leads effectively.

Okay, so what are we talking about here?

How on earth can you get more leads organically than by paid online advertising? This is where digital marketing comes down to sheer commitment, dedication and persistence…

Let’s get this straight first. Quitting is for quitters, not for winners. Bloggers and digital marketing pros have to be one of the most committed bunch of people around. Some spend years building up their personal and professional brand, just to gain their quota of followers. By considering some of the fundamentals of successful content marketing, you too can gain some pretty decent traction online and retain a plethora of loyal fans.

Think about these key points:

  • Saturation- Think about it this way; the more competitive your blog or content topic, the more competition around and the harder it will be for you to gain some authority on the subject and credibility. To keep your head well above the water in an ocean of many, think outside of the lifesaving ring a little. Stick to your niche, but offer your digital content in a way that you have not seen repeated numerous times already yourself. You can’t expect to be able to entice an audience with repetitive, non-original jargon.
  • Going it Alone? – If you’re a savvy entrepreneur or business owner, you’re no doubt good at a lot of things, but content writing might not be one of your strengths. If you’re finding it hard to get your ideas on paper (metaphorically speaking), or frankly even finding the time to do so, then perhaps you could look to hire a freelance writer who can cross check everything for you. Consistency is key for good social media management. Get someone to help if you are finding it overwhelming, but remember to keep your budget in mind.
  • Strategise- Set realistic social media goals and get aboard anything that might make your job more streamlined (not easier, as that’s usually not the most effective way forward), and your goals more achievable. When you see a golden opportunity for some additional exposure, dive in! You might find an Instagram pod could work for your business. If you have someone dedicated to the guidelines and expectations, these pods can prove beneficial to help with a bit of additional exposure. Read more about an Instagram pod here.
  • Be Patient- Take a chill pill and let time be your friend. Word of mouth travels and the grapevine blossoms, but it usually takes a whole season before you are invaded by plentiful fruit.

The answer to whether digital marketing is worth the time and effort, really comes down to exactly how much time and effort you have to commit to the cause. Are you a quitter, or do you have the systems and strategies in place that will render you a winner?

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