Social media is a web of news, information, and quite often just tempting junk that can consume your valuable time faster than a Sudoku brain teaser. If you don’t have a proper social media marketing plan in place, you could find yourself succumbing to time-wasting digital marketing trends.


In an active world that beckons your diversity of skills as chief of the household, go-to taxi driver, breadwinner, business owner, Mum or Dad, or a combination of a few, it’s vital that you don’t get caught up wasting valuable time on unnecessary distractions that are abundant on social media.

We’ve listed below some of our top social media marketing training tips to help you make the most out of your time online.


  1. Make Use of the Most Suited Platform

The offering of social media is vast and highly accessible, and it’s tempting to dive into all of the platforms head first. What’s more important is finding the social media platform that suits your niche and requirements the best. Concentrate more of your efforts on those that yield the best results and engagement you want to achieve.


  1. Set Realistic Timeframes

Set yourself a basic social media course of action and try to remain within the plan. Avoid being tied up with digital marketing that is not relevant to your plan.

Some examples of how to achieve this and what to include in your social media course of action could include:


  • Preparing your online content

At the start of the week, plan your content for the rest of the week. Consider important messages or tips, news updates, promotions, and the in-between posts and fillers that also play important roles in keeping your audience engaged. Once you start this process, you’ll know how much time each week you should allocate to getting it right.


  • Checking messages online and responding to queries

You might look to allocate a certain time each day for this exercise, 30 minutes to one hour is usually a good place to start. Depending on how much engagement you receive, you may need to do this several times a day or give yourself more time.

  • Publishing your posts and content


Start with allocating half an hour to one hour for publishing your posts that you have planned. Things will catch your eye from time to time, and there is no harm in sharing interesting newsfeeds between your planned material, as long as you have allocated the time (or have the time) to do so.

It is far too easy to be lured into the web of gossip and mishmash intertwined on social media. A social media course of action will help keep you away from such distractions.


  1. Consistency is the Key

Once you have a social media plan in place, it is much easier to remain consistent and on track. Consistency will help with the progression of becoming a social media star, offering interesting, engaging content, and gaining plenty of traction and followers. After all, that’s what social media is all about right?


  1. Evaluate Your Content

It’s important to measure your social media undertakings, and this should be included in your ‘timeframe’ processes each week. Identify which of your posts have given you the most traction and performed the best, as this will help you with creating what type of content your followers want to see.


Tools like Google Analytics can show you how much traffic is being directed from your social media marketing channels to your website. Other tools that could be worthy of taking a look at are Agorapulse for Facebook, Buffer to use with your Twitter account, and Viraltag for insights on your Pinterest account.


If you take these basic social media training tips into account, you will be well on your way to making the most out of your time on social media marketing.


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We can help you become a real star at social media marketing, and make the most out of your time effectively.