Social media marketing is no longer a business nice-to-have, it is now a major player in today’s marketing landscape. Here is why it should be a prerequisite for you and your brand.

Digital marketing has catapulted its way into the marketing world and has made an impressive mark. Through the likes of social media and content marketing, businesses are investing big bucks and resources into promoting their brands, connecting with target audiences, selling, and gathering up valuable market insight.

According to recent research from LinkedIn, roughly 81% of small to medium-sized businesses use social media, with 94% of those users doing so for marketing purposes.

But, as fast as new social media trends evolve, algorithms change to suit varying market behaviour and we as users are required to keep up. It is vital to know how it is done and who is who in the digital pool zoo! Educate oneself? Yes okay. But there are many good reasons why undertaking a social media course is a more effective plan of attack.

Following are some of our top reasons why you should invest in a social media marketing qualification.

Gain quality skills and become an in-demand candidate

Digital marketing professionals are in high demand, typically social media marketing managers and strategists. This is a direct result of the importance for digital in businesses to increase brand awareness and sales. Companies are seeking highly-skilled people who have the expertise to capitalise on the many benefits of digital and social media marketing.

With a higher demand for quality candidates, employers are often inclined to pay more for skilled, qualified, and valuable employees. If you can couple this with experience and a track record of successful social media campaigns, you may even have a good chance of being able to negotiate your desired rate.

Enhance your business development tactics

A social media course has the potential to increase your value and knowledge of both brand and business development tactics as well:

  • Relationship management skills
  • Community management skills
  • Customer service
  • Sales and lead generation
  • Writing skills – blogs, short posts, press releases and other general articles
  • Digital marketing skills through image creation, videos, webinars and polls
  • Data analytics and market insights through social media reports
  • Budget management (via social media campaigns)

Flexibility of industries and skill upgrades

Social media marketing is universally practiced in sales and marketing across many industries eliminating an industry reliance.

And, as one of the base packages of digital marketing as a whole, social media qualifications can be expanded easily to include SEO, paid search, online PR, content marketing, and e-commerce just to name a few. Upgrading your skills is easier to do once you have some qualified social media marketing training behind you.

If you have ever thought about starting your own business, the knowledge you gain of social media marketing will be invaluable for your start-up too.

A social media course offers insights into the field of digital marketing and provides an advantage over your competition – whether that be personally or for business.

To find out how Social Media Mastery can help, check out our Certificate IV in Business and our two-day intensive Social Media Bootcamp. Alternatively, just check in with our team for a chat online here. We offer a full suite of information and expert social media marketing courses.

Don’t get left behind.