Here we ditch the dirt on the good and potential hazards of social media marketing for business.

Social media has morphed the business landscape into a digitally-connected stratosphere. Consumers are more connected to businesses and brands than ever, able to reach out 24/7 from wherever they please. No longer we wait for a store to open or a phone line to be manned. Now, we simply head online at our convenience!

The social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest offer insights and personal connections that once could only ever be achieved in person.  But, for a business owner, it is important to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of these social media networks before being able to capitalise on any of their benefits.

So, to get started we have listed below the pros and cons of social media. With your target market and brand in mind, here you can take advantage of the positive and minimise the negative impact of your favourite social media networks.

Social media networking – positives for business

#1: Connectivity

One of the main opportunities for social media in business is the ease of being connected to a world-wide audience. For example, you can use Instagram to showcase beautiful pictorials or Facebook to connect on a deeper level with opportunity for more text and descriptions on your posts. You can reach whoever you need, whether they are local, national or international.

#2: Communication

Social media has enhanced communication channels for business. Through chatbots and messaging apps, people can instantly connect with businesses and brands at any time of the day. The reliance on telephone communication or snail mail is no longer. Digital makes it simple to stay connected and reach out to customers whenever we need.

#3: Broadcasts and important messages

Have some exciting business news or an important message to tell your customers? You can do this in real-time via social media. Customise your news to a special group of buyers or broadcast to everyone – the choice is yours. Social media makes it easy to do so at the click of a send button.

#4: Streamlined marketing opportunities

Create regular newsletters, blogs, videos, tutorials and other content marketing on social media. What was once an expensive exercise can now be done with very limited cost across social media.

Social media networking – negatives for business

#1: Too much too often

Successful content marketing must follow a strategic plan of what and when. Too much can be overbearing and too little can have no impact. Before you dive into any social media network plan your strategy first. Remember to include corporate responsibility into that strategy.

#2: Feedback

Social media is an instant opening for feedback, and you have to expect the good with the bad. Ensure whoever is at the back-end of your customer feedback is well-versed with handling difficult customers online. One negative comment can spiral into a world of trouble in a public forum such as social media.

#3: Connectivity

Connectively is certainly very positive for business but it means that there is a greater reliance on speedy results too. If you offer your services to customers via social media, ensure enquiries are responded to in a timely manner.

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