Just because you can’t see or touch customers through your digital marketing platforms, it does not mean it is any less important to be diligent of your customer service efforts to those audiences.

Customer service is in fact, one of the most overlooked assets of good business practices and vitally important to keep the engines running, from any aspect of your company.

Top-notch customer service is often one of the many reasons that your customers stay loyal.

Experience speaks volumes and quality customer care should be included as part of the social media training for your staff and team. Businesses that want to thrive and prosper in this digitally-advanced world need to get serious about social care, and we can show you how this is done.

According to an article published online by Forbes in February 2015, social media was then the primary driver for website referral traffic. This itself is a testament to how important digital and content marketing can be for your business, and how you approach your online customer care.

So how exactly can you capitalise on customer service whilst online?

Here are some of Social Media Mastery’s tips on how you can make sure you are providing optimal virtual care for your customers:

  1. Get Involved – You can’t expect your business to flourish with social care strategies if you don’t have a digital marketing presence in the first place. All it takes is a little bit of research to determine which social media platforms and online strategies you think are best suited for your business and target market. Once you have established which platform most attracts your customers and targeted demographic, sign up and dive in! It’s important not to go overboard with too many platforms at once however, just commit your time to one or two that you can nail down and maintain optimally. Which social media platform is best for your business? Check out one of our previous blogs here that might offer you some insight into this.
  2. Stay On Top – Good social media management means that you need to be both proactive as well as reactive. In addition to the helpful information offered in your blog posts and newsfeeds, it’s important to stay on top of any mentions about you or your company. Monitoring your tagged and untagged mentions is one way of combating any negative news or feedback before it spirals out of control, and keeping tabs on what it is that people favour about you too. To find your mentions and tags, just enter your business name into the search fields on each of the digital platforms. This will uncover the posts where your name or company was mentioned and provides you the perfect chance to respond to the feedback or comment. This is a great way of providing extra customer service and shows that you are a business who extends service beyond its bricks and mortar walls.
  3. Be Digitally Punctual and Respectful – Prompt and courteous service will always do you favours. No matter what the query or feedback, ensure that you respond in a timely matter. Keep your cool with comments and remain professional. These instances provide free opportunities for publicity and people will be monitoring the interactions you have online. We all know that the grapevine travels very quickly, even more so on social media. Make it your mission to ensure your grapevine is full of sweet and juicy fruit, not bitter and sour waste product.
  4. To Infinity and Beyond – If you see a customer that has mentioned your business online, take this as a chance yet again to impress them and their followers. If they are boasting about your product or service, send them a shout out; something as basic as a promo code that they can share with their friends, or a tangible item like a handcrafted soy candle when they check into your business. I bet they’ll head straight back onto social media to boast about their surprise gift.

It’s one of the basic fundamentals of any digital marketing training and content marketing course – know how to recognise every opportunity to increase your customer care reputation online. These free opportunities are only limited by your imagination, and the only way to capitalise on them is to get active and remain on the front foot.

If you have experienced some above and beyond customer service online, we would love to hear your story. Send us an email or Tweet your news to us @SMMastery1