It’s well past the middle of the year already, time is literally flying by in 2017. Can you believe it is only just over four months until the ‘jolly fat man’ makes his way into homes across the globe again and people get filled to the brim with all the extra pudding and trimmings? Mid-year sales are in full swing presenting us one of the best times to do your end of year shopping before the mad rush hits in a couple of months.


Now it’s comfortably into the new financial year, we hope that you have been keeping up with your social media marketing and digital marketing course plans. Have you booked your staff, or yourself for that matter, into any content marketing courses to coincide with your new educational budget as yet? If not, now would be a great time to enrol in some social media training courses and get up to speed before the crazy season approaches.


In case you missed any of the blogs that Social Media Mastery published last month, we’ve included a rundown below of our social media updates for you. If you did get the time to catch these blogs, take this moment as a brief chance to refresh and recoup on what we covered off.




  1. Instagram Pods


  • Exclusively run, invite-only online community groups that function as a manual alternative to what Instagram bots previously undertook. The ‘pods’ are formed by creating group messages of around ten to 20 people on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • People involved in an Instagram pod are generally influencers, bloggers and creators of content, with a business thrown in here and there.
  • The theory behind Instagram pods is the members stick together. A pod member will forward a photo they post to the group, and the other members of the pod are expected to comment and like it, sub-sequentially beating Instagram’s algorithm. This activity generates ‘popularity’, which in turn places the pod users’ posts higher up in newsfeeds.
  • Instagram pods were created as a way to get around the reinvented system of newsfeed display and offer a way to break into the top of newsfeeds without the use of robots.


  1. Is Instagram better for your business than Facebook?


  • Some basic demographics on Instagram users show that Instagram is most favoured by young adults 18 to 29 years.
  • Images and videos usually perform better on Instagram, as that is what the platform was designed for; to capture moments and offer engagement and awareness through vision.
  • Instagram seems to be better for engagement than Facebook, with some statistics showing huge differences between Facebook and Instagram in this regard.




  1. Is Facebook better for your business than Instagram?


  • The majority of Facebook users are in the 18 to 29-year age bracket, however this age group is very closely followed by the 30 to 49-year age group, as well as the 50 to 64’s. Facebook may be better suited over Instagram for marketing to older demographics, because of these stats.
  • Facebook is more applicable as a social media communication tool if you have something like an important message to share, which requires the entire post to be read. For example, if you are changing your trading hours over Christmas or need volunteers for an upcoming event and want to get the detail out there. You’ll have more of a chance of your entire message being read if you post it as a news article on your Facebook page.


  1. Benefits of Facebook Live for your Business


  • Facebook Live are videos that show up while they are being captured on the broadcaster’s profile and in the news feed of followers.
  • Broadcasts can last up to a maximum of four hours.
  • Anyone with a Facebook account can gain access to creating Facebook Live footage.
  • Benefits of Facebook Live for your business can include answering queries by setting up a Facebook Live session, promote an event or upcoming special live to your audience, an opportunity to take your customers behind the scenes of your business, or generating some interest of a new product or service to your loyal followers.


  1. Clickbait and Facebook


  • Facebook is taking serious steps to end spammy behaviour.
  • Websites that promote any links that lead to untrustworthy sources are being pushed down the ranks of news feeds.
  • Facebook are arming their automated systems with the ability to figure out which posts have the potential to draw you into low-quality sites.
  • Account holders need to be vigilant to create effective Clickbait titles, without getting penalized in the process.


Remember that effective social media marketing engagement also comes down to what it is that you are offering, and how you are portraying your brand and message across the digital marketing platforms.


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