Smart marketers keep up with ever-evolving social media marketing trends. Now video is on the rise, are you keeping your head above the water too?


Much like traditional marketing trends, social media marketing has seen more new features and improvements than a cosmetic surgeon in Hollywood. New technologies emerge and features are showcased across social media networks at what often seems like the blink of an eye.


Social media and content marketing are now considered an integral part of any good marketing strategy. And to remain relevant, it is vital that marketers keep abreast of the latest trends in digital marketing. One of the major movers in content and digital of late is video.


Video is devouring the world wide web, and here’s proof.


According to YouTube, they pull in a whopping 1.5 billion viewers in just one month. YouTube say this amount equates to one in every five people around the world; and we think this is pretty darn impressive stats from just one video content platform! YouTube say their viewers spend at least one hour every day watching their platform on mobile devices alone.


Following the increasing trend in video content, social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram present creative features to encourage the use of video content. After all, they too need to keep up with evolving trends to maintain a healthy membership base.


So, what have the social media platforms done about video content recently?


Facebook’s recent additions are 360-video and Live Video. Facebook users are able to save videos and download or watch later when they have a high-speed internet connection. Facebook say their 360-video is a stunning and captivating way for publishers and content marketers to share immersive stories, places and experiences with their followers and fans.


Click here to watch an example of Facebook’s 360-video in action.


Instagram has introduced 60-Second Videos and Instagram Stories.


World-renown The New York Times is enjoying the benefits of live video too. They say live video has enhanced their audience experience organically.


“Videos represent a potentially transformational form of journalism because they let stories unfold organically, live and with the audience able to change the experience.”


A Nielsen study projected the value of video content advertising on the Facebook platform. This study highlighted that 74 percent of the total Ad Recall can be achieved within the initial 10 seconds of the video itself. Remembering that 60 percent of Aussies actively log into Facebook, this is a very good reach in our nation alone.


How to get started?


To change it up from standard explainer videos, animated videos can help create a captivating video story for your brand. There are various ways (free and paid) to create animated video content.


To get started, following are some sites that you might want to check out:



Video content features provide an opening to generate more enticing user experiences across board, particularly on social media. Ensure your brand stays up with the trend by creating some captivating video content of your own.


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